Thank You

After a long election, weeks of voting and days of counting, I am proud to have been elected San José’s 65th mayor.

I spoke to County Supervisor Dave Cortese and accepted his gracious congratulations after a hard fought race. I look forward to working with him to move San José forward – because ultimately, that’s what this election was all about.

I was honored to face an opponent with the intelligence and resolve of Dave Cortese. He has a long and distinguished record of public service and leadership in this community. I am grateful that he has offered to lend his support and insights as we now work together to make our city safer and our government smarter. Last week, we were a city with two campaigns. Today, we’re one city.

We face serious challenges, but we also face extraordinary opportunities – and I would not trade ours for those of any other city in the nation.

Working together within our uniquely talented, diverse and innovative community, we can find and implement solutions to improve safety, address homelessness and catalyze childhood learning in ways that will become the model for the rest of the world. Every one of our residents can contribute to making our city even better and building a strong foundation for the next generation, and with a community like ours, we can’t lose.

Reasonable people can disagree on how we can achieve these goals, and you may not always agree with me. However, throughout the next four years, you’ll know that I’m working every single day with you and your neighbors to make a great city even greater.

Thank you for the confidence you have placed in me. I’m proud to be your next mayor.

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