A Detailed Plan

Click here to download a pdf of Sam’s book “Safer City, Smarter Government: A Plan for San José’s Future.” You can also read the text online at the links below.

Safer City Smarter Government

It’s not enough for our leaders to say they understand the problems facing San José, or to simply point fingers. Our residents have every right to expect real solutions — specific, realistic ideas that we can implement within our budgetary constraints — from our next Mayor. I don’t have all the answers — and that’s why we need your engagement. If you have an idea or opinions about how we can move San José forward, email me at sam@liccardoformayor.com — together, we can address San José’s biggest challenges!


Introduction: It’s Your City

Chapter 1: Our Safety

Chapter 2: Our Money

Chapter 3: Our Jobs

Chapter 4: Our Future